Hello World!

I'm Astynax. I like to learn programming languages, especially not-so-popular ones. These languages I usually use to build fun stuff — games, demos, that kind of thing. So you see just another personal page of the average tech geek who likes play with his toys more than he likes to do a real job :)

Someday I'll get what to put here. Now you see what you see…

Actually there is a bit of content!

Recursive Wiki

A site logo

wiki.recursive.one — a personal Wiki we (me and my friends) are writing to.


PixCell(Clj) — a PoC PixelArt Editor that stores all the state in page's URL (pretty weird, I know).

Elm Heko'ish Watch

Elm Heko'ish Watch — a fullscreen Web-app that replicates the Tokyoflash Heko. Whole page is self-contained so you can just save a local copy, and here is GitHub repo.